Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 in black color

$1000 /day
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Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 – SUV with increased ground clearance, reinforced undercarriage, new light and decorative elements on the body. An excellent option for rough terrain, barkhans, deserts, mountains and other landscapes, where an ordinary car will not pass. In the form of increased ground clearance, the all-terrain vehicle added to the height and now is just over 2 meters. There are special relief tires with an index of increased terrain. On other indicators, the G500 4×4 is almost the same as the standard version. As before, a spacious and comfortable cabin, a powerful engine paired with a 9-speed box and four-wheel drive with a variety of tuning chassis.
Body type:
Number of seats:
Max speed:
210 km/h
Transmission type:
automatic, 9
Acceleration to 100 km/h:
5,9 sec
Our advantages
  • Filing in the place you specified in Dubai

  • Deep cleaning before car rent

  • Take a car at the chosen place

  • Full fuel

  • Perfectly clean and refueled car

  • Third party insurance for any case

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Feedback from our satisfied customers

We flew to Dubai, the car drove straight to the exit, we threw the suitcases in the helik and poured into the city of luxury to meet emotions and impressions. Passed the car without problems, no barking at the company, all went well. I recommend luxury car, we will contact more!

Mercedes-Benz G500

Without a car in Dubai, it's really boring :) And if it's a fast sports car and Dubai, then it's a dream. Photos as a memory for a lifetime about an ideal vacation. I recommend the luxury car company, the rental process is clear and simple.

Lamborghini Huracan

So I did not rest in any country in the world like in Dubai! Thank you very much to the team of luxe car, guys answer quickly and in the daytime and at night to any questions. Everything passed without a hitch. They brought a sports car to the airport, and took it back from the hotel, and I did not overpay for it a penny.

Nikolay Romanov
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